Monday, November 7, 2011

Destination Baton Rouge via Orange Beach

These entries are a prelude to the Big Weekend!:
Monday, 11/7 - I had posted a calendar countdown for the LSU game (11/12) on my Google home page and it is officially less than a week before the big trip to Bayou Country. THE game last Saturday was all it was predicted to be and incontrovertible evidence was the fact that Alabama only dropped 1 spot in the BCS rankings to #3. The end of the season should be very interesting!

My brother John is a furniture salesman for FCC (restaurant seating) in the Southeast and while we were talking this morning he asked if I knew anyone in Baton Rouge and I said no. I made reference during my last post that I did not know anyone associated with LSU and Baton Rouge so John made an offer (which I couldn't refuse) to link the Captain and I up with some business associates of his (sounds ominous in a way) on game day. That was a kind gesture and hopefully soon we will have an opportunity to gain introductions to LSU Game Day and the inner workings of a true, vintage LSU tailgating party!

In the meantime I am planning my trip to Orange Beach (to meet up with the Captain) on Friday, the Captain and I will travel to and from Baton Rouge on Saturday, and I will make the trek home on Sunday. In addition to my main duties as husband, father, grandfather, music supervisor (for Reinhardt University) I am also a minister of music for Heritage Baptist Fellowship and will miss a second Sunday in 2 months. In my 13 years as minister of music at HBF I have not missed more than 2 Sundays per year but I beg indulgence of the pastor and congregation as we pursue the perfect tailgate experience in the SEC.

Speaking of tailgating in the SEC our tour just got extended with the announcement of 2 additional SEC schools; Missouri (Mizzou) and Texas A&M. We already have a preliminary trip planned to visit Arkansas and Mizzou on back to back weeks when we return to the SEC West. The Captain's daughter and son in-law will be living in Kansas by then and it will be a good base from which to travel for those 2 locations. I encourage comments from our new brothers and sisters from the "Show Me" state and the Great State of Texas about how they tailgate on Game Day. More to come!

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  1. Being from Missouri and having lived in Texas, I can positively say they do it bigger in Texas !!!